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X-Banner stand

X-banner stand construction - a mobile construction that is used to display a banner with information.

01 03
  • 60x160 cm
  • 80x180 cm
  • 100x200 cm
  • 120x200 cm

cast matt banner 440g / m2


grommet padding

Spider design

This mobile stand is often called: X-banner or X-stand But no matter how you call this design, it has one purpose - to acquaint a wide audience with products and services.

The mobile spider stand consists of a banner with an image and a rear fastener that forms an X-shaped structure. The structure is made of aluminium and carbon fibre, which makes it possible for it to be lightweight and durable. On each spider banner, eyelets are stuffed on the sides, for which the advertising banner clings to the rack in the future. Installation of such a structure takes only a few minutes, you just need to open the folding base, stretch the canvas and fix it on the rack.

At 24print, the spider advertising frame is presented in four standard sizes:

  • 60x160 cm;
  • 80x180 cm;
  • 100x200 cm;
  • 120x200 cm.

In 24print printing, you can choose the desired advertising stand spider and buy it in Kyiv on favourable terms.

Where are x-banners used?

Everyone who is faced with the production and sale of any product knows that every product needs advertising and the Spider design does a good job. For a long time not, a single event can do without x-banners. The popularity of the x-banner is dictated by its mobility, practicality, and you can buy such a design inexpensively.

 Companies buy a x-banner ad for events such as:

  • Exhibitions
  • Seminars
  • Promotions
  • Presentations

And also the advertising stand spider is used inside large stores and supermarkets.

The 24print company makes sure that you receive products that will last a long time, therefore we use high-quality printing and proven materials.


24print Printing produces advertising spiders using wear-resistant structures and high-quality printing material. We work with any format, which allows us to provide the required visual effect. 24print uses a matt over-moulded banner as the print media. This type of banner fabric is durable, elastic, resistant to temperature extremes, and also easier to apply bright, full-colour images to it. The printed image on this type of banner remains clear for a long time. The structure of such a banner is resistant to the action of paint, so that the banner keeps its shape and does not wrap around the edges. The texture of the cast banner is small and almost invisible.

The use of a moulded banner allows us to make an advertising structure that will last for many years.

Types of printing

In addition to high-quality material, the type of print that is used for the banner plays an important role in the manufacture of the spider structure. The 24print company uses latex printing and solvent ink printing for the production of advertising spiders, they allow us to produce high-quality banners at a reasonable price.

Latex printing - allows you to get good image quality, vivid and saturated colours and absolutely safe prints. Latex printing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Latex ink is odourless and safe, as evidenced by many international certifications. Latex ink printing technology provides instant ink drying, which allows you to print a banner for spider designs of any size in a short time frame.

Solvent printing - provides high resistance of the pattern to water, sun, and also withstand temperature changes. Images printed with solvent ink will not crack, wash off, or peel off. In addition to clear advantages, solvent printing also has disadvantages. For example, x-banners printed with solvent ink are not recommended for spider designs to be used indoors, as the paint is toxic and has an unpleasant odour.

When choosing a print, consider its advantages and disadvantages in order to ultimately get quality products.

Benefits of working with 24print
  • You can place an order for a spider design on the website or by phone by sending a layout for printing a banner by e-mail. This will help save such precious time and manage to complete the assigned tasks.
  • Our managers will be happy to provide round-the-clock qualified support during the ordering process. They are oriented by the cost of the x-banner, as well as by the size of possible designs.
  • Large stock of products. You can be sure that all sizes of x-banners are in stock.
  • Separately, you can buy an X-design for any ready-made banner.
  • 24print provides a wide range of advertising designs. We manufacture roll-ups, pillars and spiders, brand walls, as well as advertising farms.
  • Advertising structures are packed in cases for transportation.
  • Delivery of finished products is carried out throughout Ukraine by courier services.

By contacting 24print, you can be sure that in the end you will receive products that will create a positive image of the company.


The size

60х160 cm 80х180 cm 100х200 cm 120х200 cm

X-Banner stand

2 206,96 2 706,68 4 168,70 4 696,14

The cost is indicated in hryvnias for banner printing, installation of eyelets and construction

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions about Spider Rack

I already have my own advertising structure, can you do printing on the banner for my construction?

We can print on the banner fabric, install eyelets under the construction.

What are the options size for the spider rack?

The dimensions are standard: 60x160 (cm), 80x180 (cm), 100x200 (cm), 120x200 (cm)

How long to expect products after ordering?

Since we work 24/7 and we always have in stock standard sizes, turnaround time is up to 5 hours.

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