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 Pull Up banner stand

Pull Up banner stand

Pull Up - a mobile stand that is used at presentations, exhibitions and conferences to convey information. Also, roll-up designs are often used as advertising.

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  • 80x180 cm
  • 80x200 cm
  • 85x200 cm
  • 100x200 cm
  • 120x200 cm
  • 150x200 cm

cast matt banner 440g / m2


fastening to the stand

Roll-up design

The mobile stand consists of:

  • frame
  • banner canvas

The banner canvas often prints the logo of an organization or company, a list of services and goods, contacts, or informational text. The pull up has a spring-loaded auto pull up system. In the normal state, the banner is rolled up inside the pull up body. In order to install the banner, you need to pull out the information field and fix it to the frame using the holder bar. The stand is fixed and ready for use.

Pull Ups in Kyiv are used for advertising purposes and as a means of delivering information. They can be installed:

  • At the press conference
  • On the street
  • In the office

Roll-ups are printed by 24print with latex printing, so you can be sure that the image will turn out to be colourful and with the printing of the finest details. Latex printing allows you to make custom pull ups odourless and resistant to external factors. Due to the fact that latex printing dries quickly, pull ups can be produced urgently. For the production of pull ups, 24print in Kyiv uses a cast banner. The moulded banner can be used as indoor and outdoor advertising. The advantages of this type of banner are rightfully considered good strength and elasticity, as well as resistance to mechanical damage and good quality of the material itself.

Roll-ups advantages

Due to its merits, this inexpensive type of promotional product is a profitable investment.

  • Ease of installation
  • Large selection of all possible sizes
  • Long service life
  • It is possible to replace the printed canvas
  • Convenient transportation

A presentable and reliable pull up banner can be made in different formats, which allows it to be used not only near the audience, but also at large presentations where there are a large number of people.

In stock we always have a Pull Up Standard model. In 24print printing, you can buy not only a ready-made mobile stand, but also separately buy the pull up structure itself at an affordable price. We can also sell a banner without a design.

The 24-hour work of the 24print company allows us to produce any stand in the shortest possible time.

Layout development

Pull Up design depends directly on where the stand will be used. In order for the stand to become an accessible and effective tool for conveying information, you need to correctly work out the layout. When creating a layout, you need to consider:

  • Pull Up location
  • How far from the audience it will be installed
  • What background will the banner be placed on?

When creating a design for a pull up, it is also necessary to take into account that it should attract attention, should not get lost on bright backgrounds, and also there should be basic information on it that the audience should grasp. If you do not have a banner layout, then you can order it from our designers. The high level of professionalism of the designers of the 24print service centre allows you to make a layout for exhibition stands in a short time.

Checkout in 24print

Roll-up at 24print can be purchased in any format. If you have any questions when choosing a pull up or if you urgently need a price list, 24print managers will be happy to provide you with the cost and answer all your questions. It is profitable to order pull ups in the 24print printing centre, since the production takes place in a short time and the stand itself is inexpensive.

In order to place an urgent order, write to us in chat or e-mail. Managers will contact you to agree on the terms for printing pull ups, prices and delivery terms for finished products. Buying pull ups cheaply has become easier thanks to the ability to place an online order on the website.

Delivery of finished products is carried out throughout Ukraine. Also, the roll-up can be picked up at one of our service centres on 50 Antonovycha St. or 10 Yaroslavska St. For the convenience of transportation, pull ups are packed in a bag-cover.


The size

80х180 cm 80х200 cm 85х200 cm 100х200 cm 120х200 cm 150х200 cm

 Pull Up banner stand

3022,90 3206,60 3501,90 4037,00 4702,50 6015,10


The cost is indicated in hryvnias for the roll-up design with banner printing and stretching service

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