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Brochure Design

Brochures are multi-page printed products with a volume of four pages or more. Most often they are used for promotional or educational purposes. The brochure compact format and stylish design make the products easy to distribute to the target audience. This is a great way to present the positive aspects of cooperation with the company in a favorable light.

It is convenient and easy to order a brochure design at the 24print company. We offer affordable prices and implement the most original ideas thanks to professional equipment and experienced staff.

Brochure popularity and its emergence

Translated from the French, "brochure" means "to stitch". This may be a periodical or non-periodical printed edition from 4 to 48 pages that are held together by thread or staples.

The history of the brochure is taken from the time of the Reformation in France in the 16th century. These were times of printing rapid development, which made it possible to produce mass circulations at low prices and the difficult political situation in France, when it was necessary to distribute printed means of agitation and propaganda. Printed brochures have become just such tools. Large volume and low price - that's what contributed to the wide distribution and use of printed materials among the general population. With the help of this publication, the political situation in the country was easily and clearly explained.

Today, brochures are an effective advertising tool that can be used to attract the target audience, convince the client of the necessity and usefulness of the goods and services provided.

Types of brochures and their features

Depending on the purpose, brochures are divided into the following types:

Advertising Types – contribute to the certain goods or services promotion. They are distinguished by a bright design, selling content and should attract attention. The price of the booklet design and the quality of the paper will depend on the budget for the advertising campaign.

Information Types – characterized by an introductory or teaching design. Such publications can be used in various educational institutions, as well as in social advertising or as instructions for using a particular product. The paper used for printing is inexpensive, and the design and layout of a brochure should be restrained.

Introductory or Image Types - they can be attributed to advertising publications, but offer more complete information about the company, as well as its products or services provided. They should lead the client to the conclusion of the transaction, so the cost of brochure design will be higher.

Be sure to adhere to the corporate style of the company, which will emphasize its solidity and reliability, make it recognizable.

There are universal options for brochures that combine reference, advertising and social information at once. For example, it could be a booklet for medical institutions.

Visualization plays an important role in the brochure information content. Therefore, the brochure is complemented by illustrations, images and photos. There are also different ways to print brochures. Offset printing is more suitable for large print runs, and digital printing will help out if you need to urgently print a small amount.

Brochure Size and Paper

There are different options for formats for brochures, we will consider their features:

A4 or 210x297 mm is the standard option. It is convenient to leaf through such printed materials, hold in hands, analyze information without straining your eyesight. The format is suitable for business and information publications.

A3 (297x420 mm) - this brochure is used if you need to transfer large images, large diagrams. This is an excellent brochure format for presentations, seminars.

A6 (105x148 mm) - suitable for describing a product or service. An additional plus will be the color scheme.

A5 corresponds to the dimensions of 148x210 mm and is widely used for advertising brochures. Compact version of providing the necessary information.

210x100 mm or euro brochures - the format is suitable for posting abstracts.

The price of a booklet design will also depend on the quality of the paper. For the indoor unit, you can choose matte or glossy coated paper with a weight of 130 g/m2. As for the cover, it should be denser (at least 200 g/m2). Expensive designer paper is also used in such cases. You can laminate the cover, this will extend its life. The price of the layout of the brochure will also depend on the circulation.

How to create a brochure design?

Brochure design development is a multi-stage process that requires certain knowledge, experience and creativity. It is important to think through every detail of the brochure design so that the printed material performs its functions.

You need to start with the definition of the target audience and the purpose of the printed publication. The text should convey the necessary information to the target audience and correspond to the proposed direction of the provision of services or production of products. Do not list a price on the front page. If you offer expensive services, first describe your offer in detail, and only after that indicate the cost of services.

The cover of the brochure should be attractive and of high quality, it is she who creates the first impression and draws the attention of the buyer. It is also worth paying attention to such important points that will help make the brochure exclusive and informative:

Organize the information in a clear and concise way, categorize it into sections of the brochure.

The text should be easy to read. For headings and key phrases, to make them stand out from the background of the main text, use large or colored fonts.

Не должно быть слишком много информации, иначе потенциальные клиенты, вероятно, не пожелают перечитывать ее всю.

Do not allow punctuation, grammatical and lexical errors in the text. Nothing undermines the trust in the credibility of your firm like mistakes.

Be sure to include your contact details and work schedule in the text. If desired, you can add a few positive reviews from previous customers.

Photos and images must be up-to-date and of high quality. Everyone loves to see happy people, so try to include pictures of happy visitors.

Choose your color scheme for your brochure design carefully, it will depend on the purpose of the promotional material. For example, to convey the relaxing atmosphere of a spa resort or hotels, you can use muted pastel colors. For advertising children's products, it is best to design a brochure with brighter, more saturated colors.

Organize your brochure design so that text and graphics harmonize with each other.

All these requirements are quite difficult to fulfill, so many turn to specialists for help. You can quickly order a brochure design from us, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you. Multi-format printing on high-tech equipment and multi-stage quality control will help to achieve the desired result. We have recruited the best specialists to our team who will accompany clients at all stages, from the development of a brochure design layout to the receipt of finished products.

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