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Crucible cutting

Crucible cutting

Crucible nibbling - used to give the desired shape to the finished product, can also be used to apply perforation or creasing.

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For crucible nibbling, a crucible press is used - production equipment that is used not only for contour nibbling, perforation, creasing, but also for internal nibbling and notching.

It is necessary to make a stamp for each product. In our service centre there is a large assortment of ready-made die-cutting dies, which consist of a wooden base and knives, but we can also make individually for a specific product. Die-cutting from a ready-made die will help you save your budget in the manufacture of products. Die-cutting dies can be reused, that is, if your runs will be repeated, then you will no longer need to pay for the form again. Punching with a crucible press is not economically justified when making single copies of products.

Print centre 24print offers to make die-cutting from the following materials:
  • paper, cardboard, corrugated board
  • plastic
  • self-adhesive films
  • leather, leatherette

Thanks to the cutting down, 24print polygraphy produces the following products: boxes, hangers, business cards, labels, puzzles, folders, tags, postcards, price tags.

Die cutting benefits

Thanks to the crucible die-cutting, the printed product can be easily changed into any shape the customer has come up with. This can be either finished products or a product that will need to be assembled (for example, a box). Crucible die-cutting allows you to make unique printed products.

You can place an order for the production of products with crucible die-cutting at 24print around the clock. 24print managers will help you choose the right material, advise on the production time, and quickly calculate the cost of the order. If you do not have a ready-made model for crucible cutting, our designers will be happy to develop a die-cutting mould for every taste.

The 24print service centre quickly fulfils orders with die cutting of any complexity.

Delivery of finished products is carried out throughout Ukraine.


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