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Folding is the process of folding a printed sheet into an even fold. The resulting line is called a rebate. You can make one-fold or several. Folding is done only for paper with a low density, if the paper is thick, then creasing is done first, and then folding. With its help, the printed product does not crack, retains colour saturation and presentable appearance. If creasing, folding is needed, our 24print printing service centre is always ready to help. Thanks to the presence of advanced post-press equipment, products are folded to a high level of quality and in the shortest possible time.

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A6 - A0

Folding types

Folding can be divided into the following types:

  • Mutually perpendicular - the fold is performed perpendicular to the previous one
  • Parallel - each subsequent fold is carried out parallel to the previous
  • Combined - when both parallel and perpendicular folds are applied

A commonly used type is parallel folding, namely accordion folding.

Folding can be done in two ways: manual and machine.

Manual Fold - Used for small runs of postcards, instructions, and booklets. Also often used when folding blueprints. Drawings can be folded in A3 or A4 format. Drawings are folded for easy transportation and storage, or for later stitching.

Folding of blueprints is divided into:

  • folding with a spine - for further stitching
  • folding without spine - for easy storage and transportation, but without the possibility of stitching

Manual folding is a laborious and time-consuming process.

Machine - made on special folding machines. Used for processing large volumes of printed products.

Folding quality

Correct folding is extremely important in the production of cards, invitations and other printed materials. The quality of work depends on many factors, such as:

  • Material thickness
  • Paper moisture
  • Fibre direction
  • Number of folds

The quality of the fold can be determined by the correct position of the pages, the accuracy and clarity of the folds, and the absence of cracks and wrinkles.

If the correct sequence of pages is not observed in the notebooks, then the product is considered defective.

Service at 24print

Turning to 24print printing, you can count on an individual approach to each order, attentiveness to your requirements, order fulfilment by an experienced folder and pleasant prices for printing services . In addition, our designers, if necessary, can prepare or modify a layout that will meet the technical requirements, and you can use it in the future.

The cost of the work depends on the circulation and the number of folds that need to be done. In order-to-order printing of products with subsequent creasing and folding, write to us in chat or email. Our managers will contact you to clarify the details. The finished order can be picked up at one of the 24print service centres at 10 Yaroslavska St. or 50 Antonovycha St.

Folding of blueprints 
Quantity 1-10 11-50 51-100 101-500 500+
Folding of blueprints А3  9,40 5,64 4,35 3,34 2,78
Folding of blueprints  А2 15,38 10,94 8,07 6,13 5,57
Folding of blueprints  А1 18,79 12,48 9,44 7,38 6,96
Folding of blueprints  А0 24,44 16,04 12,24 9,75 9,75


Sheet folding
Quantity 1-10 10+
Sheet folding (1 fold) 1,35 0,70


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