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Staple stitching

Staple stitching

Stitching on a staple is a type of stitching of a printed product. Staple stitching allows you to staple up to 48 sheets of 80 g / m2 with a mechanical staple along the fold line. If you take heavier paper or more sheets for stapling, it may be difficult to staple and use - the product may not close tightly.

Stitching on a staple in Kyiv is a popular way of binding catalogues, notebooks, magazines and instructions. Binding documents or catalogues in this way can be done in a short time at an affordable price.

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Staple stitching in 24print


  • the ability to perform stitching around the clock
  • acceptable cost
  • execution in the shortest possible time

One, two or three staples can be supplied depending on the size of the product. Managers of the 24print printing centre will help you choose the best way to position the staples.

You can place an order by visiting one of our service centres at 10 Yaroslavska St. or 50 Antonovycha St. or by emailing us around the clock.

Staple stitching
Тираж 1-10 11-50 51-100 101-500 501-1000 1000+
Staple stitching (1 staple) 8,91 2,97 1,04 1,01 0,89 0,79
Staple stitching (2 staples) 8,91 2,97 1,46 1,41 1,21 1,10

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