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Stitching on PUR glue

Stitching on PUR glue

Glue stitching is a durable, non-stitching stitching that allows you to quickly and inexpensively fasten sheets into a single block. The assembled block has a flawless appearance, which is convenient for any product.

This type of stitching is often ordered when you need to create a book, photo album, catalogue, magazine or notebook.

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Advantages of gluing with glue:
  • PUR-binding bonds materials of different density together
  • gluing high density paper
  • possibility of gluing laminated pages
  • this type of binding is resistant to temperature extremes
  • resistant to solvents
  • neat spine

If you need to order the manufacture of a product with stitching on glue, but you do not have a ready-made layout, then our designers will develop a layout that will further work for the image of your company.

The managers of the 24print company in Kyiv are ready to advise on technical requirements, guide them on cost and timing around the clock. You can place an order by filling out the online form on the website or by emailing us.


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