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Channel binding

Channel binding

Duct Hardcover Binding is a strong assembly of printed sheets using two hardbacks that are clamped with a metal duct. Saddle stitching can be stapled up to 270 sheets of 80 g / m2. There are various colours of hardcover, but the most common colours are burgundy and blue.

Hardcover is used for stitching diplomas, term papers, books, dissertations and project documents.

Hardcover does not use glue that can damage the covers or pages of your document.

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Pros of hardcover:
  • hardcover is considered one of the reliable types of stitching, since the sheets do not fall out of it
  • if necessary, you can remove or add sheets already in the finished binding
  • the appearance of hardcover documents is presentable and formal
  • bound sheets are not damaged
  • it is possible to put an inscription on a hard cover or make an embossing
  • fast stitching

Managers 24print will help not only to stitch materials, but also to pre-print, choose the colour and size of the binding. You can perform hardcover stitching by visiting one of our service centres where this type of work will be performed on site within 10-15 minutes. If you first need to print documents and then stitch them together, then you can place an order online on our website.

Polygraphy 24print in Kyiv provides a service of channel binding around the clock, in a short time, and the price of this type of stitching will pleasantly surprise you.

Diploma channel binding A4
Quantity 4+ 3 2 1

Binding binding up to 90 sheets

310,80 310,80 329,45 360,53

Binding binding up to 150 sheets

329,04 329,04 348,78 381,69

Binding binding up to 220sheets

379,50 379,50 387,09 440,22

Binding binding up to 300 sheets

386,93 386,93 394,67 448,84

Diploma channel binding A3
Quantity 4+ 3 2 1

Binding binding up to 90 sheets

454,80 454,80 454,80 513,92

Binding binding up to 150 sheets

473,04 473,04 473,04 534,54

Binding binding up to 220 sheets

523,50 523,50 523,50 575,85

Binding binding up to 300sheets

530,93 530,93 530,93 584,02

The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 brochure (excluding printing)

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