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Creasing is the process of applying folds to printed products. The line thanks to which the sheet bends evenly is big.

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Where and why is this type of post-printing work used?

Creasing is used when it is not possible to apply the usual bending technology. For example, when there is a possibility of distortion of the printed image or when using cardboard. This process avoids the creation of jagged lines when folding, without the appearance of cracks and creases. Therefore, creasing is used when folding cardboard, thick paper or plastic.

Is used for:

  • Postcards, invitations, booklets.
  • Folders, calendars, notebooks.
  • Magazines, books, brochures.
  • Manufacturing of packaging, boxes.
  • Manual creasing. When the crease is placed perpendicular to the lobe direction of the fibre of the material, it is recommended to perform manual creasing of the impressions. This type, as a rule, is used for small and medium runs, or when printing unique products. Manual creasing provides higher quality big lines. The manual creasing method is also used for products with UV varnish and lamination. This method of applying a fold is considered more expensive.
  • Machine room. This type is used when printing large quantities. Machine scoring is done using special equipment, which is equipped with a scoring roller and a knife. The use of such machines is justified in the manufacture of thousandth and millionth editions.

If the creasing of cardboard is performed at a professional level, it is convenient to use printing products, enjoying their stylish appearance. Experienced specialists of the 24print printing services centre in Kyiv are ready to complete this work as soon as possible. You can place an order with us at any convenient time.

Advantages of creasing in the printing industry:

  • The product takes the desired shape;
  • Dyed paper does not crack at the folds;
  • The fold strength becomes higher.

At 24print, scoring can be done at an affordable price. The cost depends on such components: the number of folds on the product, the volume of circulation, as well as the density of the material that needs to be punched.

Creasing or folding?

Creasing and folding are different post-printing processes. Usually creasing is performed before folding and different equipment is used for these processes. It makes folding easier. These two processes complement each other, as it were.

Creasing differs from folding in those blunt knives are used for it, which push through the paper, and when folding, the sheets are simply folded. Also, folding is not intended for folding thick paper and cardboard. When using such materials, the folding process is performed first, and then folding.

When preparing files for printing, it should be thought in advance whether creasing or folding will be performed, and perhaps both processes will be used. Based on the complexity of the product for each product, the designer individually thinks over the placement of text and pictures. Also, at the stage of ordering, these nuances must be agreed with the manager.

24print is dedicated to providing our customers with service at any time of the day or night.
  • We work around the clock. The 24print service centre is an ideal option when you need to perform prepress, print and post-print work at night.
  • Availability of modern equipment. Thanks to the use of advanced equipment, we demonstrate the high quality of printed products, ensuring the desired result. A postcard, an invitation, a booklet - any printed product will become neat and presentable with the help of creasing.
  • Friendly and qualified staff. Our managers are ready to help and resolve your issue at any time.
  • Convenient location. Service centres 24print are located in the central districts of Kyiv, five minutes from the metro.

To place an order, please contact through the online form, write to the messenger or send a request by mail. Our managers will contact you to clarify the details, agree on the timing and cost. We deliver finished products across Kyiv and Ukraine by courier services.


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